Not the best news, but could be worse!

So not the greatest of news to start a monday with, but not the worst either.

We had a call from Alex’s oncologist last Wednesday at lunchtime asking if we were ok with bringing his MRI forward, to tomorrow (Thursday). It turned out that there was another oncology patient who was supposed to have their scan on the Thursday but they were too unwell to have a G.A. Alex’s scan time was swapped with theirs and we went in about a week before we thought we were due.

Scan day is never fun – fasting from 7am and no food or drink in D.O.S.A (Day Of Surgery Admissions) Mum (Sandie) came in to help out, and Alex went in somewhat earlier than usual which made for a slightly easier day. Scan over and home, just a nervous wait for the results, which came this morning.

The tumors are re growing, but only very slowly. ‘Slow progression’ is the technical term that was used, the tumors themselves are still less than 1cm in size so the oncology team are happy to follow the ‘wait and see’ tactic for another 3 months.

Of course we were hoping the tumors were dying/rotting but it looks unlikely at this point, and we have to prepare ourselves for the fact that our future will contain more treatment, though when and what that treatment will be is still unsure.

For now we are going to enjoy our little patch of ‘normal’ and hopefully let it strengthen us against what is to come.


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