New Blog – FINALLY

It’s been ignored for ages and ages so I decided to finally move everything across from my old blog – and get everything on my own domain here.

So much has happened since I last posted anything; where do I start?

Home: We’ve (my wife and I) got another baby!  Jennifer was born on the 7th of September at some ungodly hour of the morning.  Alex is taking it all in his stride and doing remarkably well given his whole world has been turned on it’s head, I’m so proud of him!  With the baby coming along, I was evicted from my nerds lair and had a new desk built for me in the master bedroom (only place we had room for it) and mission control is back in business!

We’ve had our hot water system changed over from the old electric beast to a instant gas system which should save us a bit of money, particularly through the winter months so that will be nice.

Work/Study/SES: A lot to roll into 1 batch, but none are really enough to warrant their own post. The abridged version is: Work is busy, I’m still learning a lot each day and struggling to keep up some days. Just when I think I’ll get to some project work, something pops up that needs attention quickly.

I’ve finished one of my study course, the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment which means I can continue to train people at SES. I’ve also begun a Diploma of Management, also through the SES which is keeping me very busy in my non paid hours (As if a 3 year old and a new born weren’t enough to do that already!?). In the not too distant future, I’ll be starting the Certificate III in Public Safety SES Rescue which will be a nice little notch on the belt too.

While on the subject of SES, aside from being promoted at my home unit to training coordinator: I got my 10 year medal earlier in the year and have been notified late last week that I’ve also been awarded the Chief Officers commendation for my work in organizing a large scale training exercise for 3 units (my own and 2 neighbouring units) which is quite unexpected but a very welcome honour.

I’ve been trying in amongst all this to maintain some presence on Ausdroid, go there to see my posts!

I guess that about covers it for now.