Another MRI down with good results.

Since the last blog post there really hasn’t been anything of major (ie blog post worthy) significance; we’ve been home with only expected, routine check ups at the hospital and the best bit is Alex has more energy daily and has hair again!

Last Friday, the 6th of September we’ve had our second MRI scan done since Alex finished his Chemotherapy back in July, the results were as good as we could realistically have hoped for at this time.

There are 3 lesions that we have to keep an eye on:
One in his brain, one on his brain stem and one on his spine.

The lesion on his brain now measures, less than 4mm in size, so small in fact that the Oncologist couldn’t find it on the scans.
The lesion on his brain stem showed “no significant change” to the previous scan, there was approximately .8 mm increase in size however, that could be accounted for by the angle the scan was taken on as there is an acceptable margin of error much higher than the measured change in the tumor.
Finally, the lesion on his spine has the same “no significant change” report against it.

What does this all mean?

In short, it’s the best news we could have hoped for. The possibility still remains that he may be cured, but we need to remain cautious of jumping to such conclusions. So while we’ve got great news today, we are going to wait until the next MRI and hope that it too has the same “no significant change” tags on all of the lesions which will put us in a good spot. Until then we plan to enjoy our time at home, rest up and have some much needed family time.

As always we need to thank our families and friends for the love and support you’ve given us, thanks to the Little Heroes Foundation for the support they’ve given us too.


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