Mama’s turn…

While I know that this is primarily Phil’s blog I wanted to take a moment to add my words to his.

I want to thank every single person who has sent us a message, taken the time to call, sent a card, made a meal, donated a dollar. We are touched to the heart every time. This circumstance we find ourselves in has made us all realise in a way we never have before how many people love and care for us and about us, and how that, in the face of what has happened, people show how freely they give of that love.

It’s sad that it has taken an event of such magnitude for us to realise this, yet at the same time it has been overwhelming to find ourselves surrounded by so much love and support.

Dealing with Alex’s tumour and ongoing treatment was difficult right at first, initially it was a tremendous shock as you might suppose, but as we went through what may best be described as a grieving period we came slowly to terms with what had happened and what is to come. I think it surprises people who are hearing about this for the first time now how calm and matter of fact about everything we are. We are coping in different ways, but at the core of it is the simple fact – we don’t have a choice. This is something we have to deal with. While dissolving into tears is a natural first response we can’t remain that way for the next 6 – 12 months.

Part of our way of dealing with this is, perhaps a bit surprisingly, to try and help others. Both Phil and myself are more used to giving help than receiving it, hence Phil’s fundraising efforts with Little Heroes.  They in particular have been incredible, and it is of some comfort to us that the money that everyone has donated will be used to help parents down the track who are unfortunate enough to be facing a similar situation to ourselves.

When Alex was first born I was told to resign myself to the fact that for the next 15 years or so I would not be “Jo” but rather “Alex’s mum”. In light of what has happened I don’t think there is a title anywhere that I would currently be prouder to hold. Despite all that has happened to him, the tumour  the surgery, loosing his vision (we hope temporarily), the injections, the poking and prodding and the total upheaval of everything he has known, Alex is taking it all in his stride. While he isn’t fond of the treatment (and really, who would be?) He shows great affection for the people who are providing it. Most of the nursing staff are “awesome” at least once a day, and seeing his face light up when the play therapist comes into the room is a joy.

I wish it were possible to tell each and every one of you individually how grateful we are to you, and how much your kindness means to us, but I don’t think there is enough time in the universe for that so I hope that this adequately sums it up.

To all of you, our deepest and sincerest thanks

Alex’s Mum.


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