Boost Mobile backs the A Leagues

Boost Mobile backs the A Leagues

Boost Mobile, and founder, Peter Adderton have been big backers of sports and young sport stars for years. Perhaps recently, with the public conflict in motorsport, there were concerns around the longevity of that backing; but today, Boost announced a shift to the A Leauges – Becoming the official Telco Partner of Isuzu UTE A-League Men’s and Liberty A-League Women’s Finals Series.

Speaking at the announcement, Founder; Peter Adderton said:

“Football has a diverse and passionate fans base and we are very excited to introduce Boost Mobile to fans across the country for the first time through the A-Leagues as a starting point, during the most thrilling time of the season”

It’s a sidestep, but continues that positive influence that Boost Mobile as a compnay has had on sports and emerging stars for years. It also signals a recognition that Football and its associated culture is growing in Australia.

“Football is leading the way in youth participation and is the fastest growing sport in the country. It cultivates some of the most passionate and loyal fans in Australian sport, and we look forward to seeing where our A-Leagues partnership with their Finals and All-Stars Event takes us. We are excited to be a part of the game as we further explore Australian football culture and its impact beyond the game into areas such as street culture, fashion and more.”

After a disappointing season for Adelaide United, I’m keen to see how the Boost involvement changes the visiblity of A Leavge across Australia next year.