No news was good news…

No news was good news…

It’s been far longer than I thought when it comes to updating everyone on Alex’s treatment and general wellbeing. As they say, no news is good news and it’s all been smooth sailing for some time.

Along the way, we’ve had some great times and spent a lot of time with friends. Most recently we flew to Melbourne, on their first flight, the kids managed to talk their way onto the flight deck; Sincere thanks to the crew who looked after us and Captain Andrew who invited the kids to have a look

While we were there, we stayed with some friends and had some adventures while we were there. Scott and I went to Knotfest, which was an amazing — and exhausting — day full of music and fun.

We also had the opporutnity to catch up with a beautiful friend; Alysha who wasn’t worried at all that her partner Ivan was travelling. In a surprise to no one, the kids fell in love with her and, I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. 😀

On to the matter at hand: About 7 weeks ago, we paused his chemo meds as a bit of a test to “see what happens”. Along the way we’ve had a few of the old symptoms pop up with random vomits, complaints of headache and fairly significant lethargy. So, if I’m honest, I was worried about the scan following pausing the medication.

On Wednesday just gone, we had the first MRI since pausing his meds and that was a pretty long day. Arriving at the hopstial just after 10:30, confirmation shortly after that he was second on the list for scans. By about 12:30 he was bored and asking whether it was time to go in for his scan… Then repeatedly at intervals less than 10 ninutes until just after 2pm (by which time I was bored…) when we got called through to radiology.

I had some running around to do in the — normally about 1 hour 40 mins — time he was in for the scan. About 2 hours after he went in, I got a phone call telling me he was struggling to wake up from the anaesthetic and asking if I wanted to come to recovery. I wanted to go, but resisted becasue if he’s calm in recovery we leave him alone generally. Then I had a pile of snoring blankets returned to me in DOSA.

While it wasn’t unexpected, it still sucked getting the news that several of the lesions had increased in size. It’s not panic stations, but as a matter of urgency he’s back on the meds to arrest and hopefully, control the growth of the lesions for the foreseeable future.

Generally speaking, Alex is still pretty well with only a bit of appetite impact on him at the moment. We’ll keep working with him and the doctors to do what we can about this bastard disease. He’s already beaten the odds multiple times over, he’s got that in him to keep doing it and we’ll be there with him every step of the way and we know the love and support we have isn’t lacking either.

We’ll try to be more pro-active about updates!