Before & After – a garden transformation!

A team of good hearted landscapers moved into our backyard on Saturday the 15th of June. They’re did an amazing job for us – making the yard safe for Alex to play in.
Their suppliers chipped in pretty much everything they needed, so our yard was done for under $300.00

The lump of dirt in the middle of the garden was dealt with using a stand on kanga digger – a lot quicker than the rest of it had been delt with by me and my shovel!! Then came the rotary hoe to break up the soil a bit and mix in the gypsum. While this was going on holes were being dug to fix in some c-chanel steel which formed the corners of two veggie patches. Turf was rolled out and then concrete sleepers were manhandled into position. 3 long (and very heavy) sleepers for each side, then 3 more sleepers cut in half to form the ends – 18 sleepers later and two amazing vegetable patches were finished!

The next day soil for the beds was delivered and barrowed and shoveled into place, and a few days after that Nanna and Poppa presented us with the first occupants – 4 lettuces!

None of this would have been possible without the amazing generosity of donations and cost prices given to us by Jake from Mighty M steel, Mark from DirectMix Concrete & Lyndon from HMV Engineering for supplying the parts for the veggie beds, Luke from Martelco Equipment Hire Pty Ltd for the rotary hoe, Tony from Adelaide Innovative Landscaping for the Kanga digger, Grant from Hicks Turf for the lawn, Brendon from Just Bobcats for getting rid of all the dirt and of course Jacob, Mick & Simon from Adelaide Innovative Landscaping who did all the work!

Thanks also to the staff and customers of Leader Computers who did some fundraising for us to put towards a garden for Alex to play safely in. You are all amazing wonderful people and we simply can’t thank you all enough for what you have done for us.

There’s some truly amazing people out there, many of whom we had never met until Alex was diagnosed… But they’re all doing anything they can to make this horrible journey as easy and pleasant as possible for us.

We can’t put in words just how grateful we are to all of you for your help, support and love.