Ring has a new camera that could reduce the number of devices you need indoors

Ring has a new camera that could reduce the number of devices you need indoors

Ring is one of the leading brands when it comes to DIY home secuirty, offering cameras, doorbells and accessories. But the advantages of Ring (although not unusual in this market) come into play when you utilise the subscription. The latest hardware addition to the Ring collection is an indoor camera with pan and tilt features, minimising the number of cameras you may need in your home to provide coverage in the common areas.

I’m not a huge fan of having cameras inside the home if you’re storing recordings in the cloud. It’s a choice individuals need to make, but with 2FA in place and no cameras in private areas I’m reasonably comfortable with the Ring devices we have in our home. Add to this, the privacy cover and the privacy zones you can set up and I’m very comfortable with the Ring indoor camera.

The specs and design

One facet of hardware like this that I appreciate is the flexibility that it offers users. The capability to pan through a full 360-degrees and tilt through a 170-degree axis — easily controlled through the app — means your mounting and achievable coverage, particularly in open plan living spaces, is enormous provided you have a power plug near where you want to install it.

The weighted base, and wall mount options mean you can simply sit the camera on top of a bookshelf or on a wall somewhere. It — like most of the other ring devices — delivers 1080p colour vision to your mobile deivces, has two-way communciation and will give you speedy notificaitons if you choose to receieve motion alerts.

Ring Managing Director, APAC – Mr Mark Fletcher said:

“The new Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera is the perfect solution to capture every angle with one device, whether you are a pet owner who wants to pan around the living room to check on their furry friend, or someone who wants to cover multiple hallways and doorways. Indoor cameras have been among Ring’s fastest growing and most popular product categories, offering Australian and New Zealand customers the ability to check in on their home, no matter where they are. The new Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera is an excellent addition to the range, offering the ultimate peace of mind,”

The new Pan-tilt indoor camera will be available from May 31st via ring.com and Amazon, or if you prefer, through the usual retail stores.