Proton Pass Expands Reach with macOS and Linux Launch

Proton Pass Expands Reach with macOS and Linux Launch

Proton, a leading figure in privacy and security, has unveiled its latest endeavor, Proton Pass, for macOS and Linux. This expansion marks a milestone, with Proton Pass now accessible across all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, with Linux support.

Proton Pass distinguishes itself with its offline mode, fortified by the Argon2 encryption algorithm. This ensures that user data remains secure, even without an internet connection, setting a new standard in password management security. Moreover, its transparent and open-source nature assures users of its integrity through independent audits.

The introduction of Proton Pass on macOS brings a standalone Safari extension, streamlining user experience within the default browser. This integration offers heightened convenience and security, allowing seamless access across multiple browsers and devices. Additionally, Proton’s anti-censorship technologies ensure accessibility in regions with restricted internet access.

Proton Pass offers a robust free plan alongside a discounted Pass Plus plan, priced at $10 for the first year, providing comprehensive security features including password health monitoring, 2FA authentication, and dark web monitoring.

Proton Pass continues to evolve with forthcoming updates, including TouchID support for macOS and integration with Linux authentication mechanisms, promising enhanced security and usability.

Son Nguyen, Product Lead for Proton Pass, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions across all devices, making privacy accessible to everyone.

Proton Pass for macOS and Linux is available for immediate download, with further details accessible on the Proton website.