Little Heroes deserve your support

I’m blown away!
Only 4 hours ago (when I began writing this post) I got the link for my Little Heroes Foundation fund raising page and it’s already approaching $1100 raised.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have

  • Donated to the foundation
  • Called
  • Messaged
  • Emailed
  • Given or offered assistance
  • In any other way helped us through this difficult time

Again I’d like to stress that even though you may not get an immediate response, either Jo or myself are reading each message that comes in to us. It’s genuinely overwhelming the amount of love, support and positive energy that has been sent our way over the last month.

Alex has completed his first round of Chemotherapy with his sense of humour in tact, for the most part at least. As expected; he’s suffered a little nausea and a heavily diminished appetite, but not to the level where it concerned any of the Oncologists involved in his care. The great part is, we’re home for a little while (ignoring the short clinic visits in the meantime) and he’s adjusting to home life very quickly now. Fingers crossed the following treatments are as smooth as this one.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, one of the organisations that has been particularly good to us so far through this ordeal is the Little Heroes Foundation. They’ve been truly amazing with the basic approach of

If you think you need it, could make use of it or “it would be really handy to have a …” to aid in Alex’s care – ASK

The worst they can say is No right?
As yet, they’re not rejected anything we’ve asked for. If anyone is ever unfortunate enough to be in the position we’re in now, contact them – Their team is truly amazing.

Which is why Jo and I have decided to do some fundraising for them to help any future families behind us to have the same support afforded to them that we’ve had.
I’m not going to push, sell or otherwise coerce you into donating – Let’s face it; if you’re not going to donate there’s nothing I can say to make you.

If you’d like to donate, you can click HERE

Thanks again to everyone
Your love and support is helping us to stay strong


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